Competition Series Slalom Line White Mainline (Medium Stretch)

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The Competition Series Slalom Line is our first slalom rope that we made and approved for use. After a year of testing different yarn formulas with our supplier this is the result. A slalom rope with a consistent mild stretch that allows skiers to keep and build speed out of the turn. 

Our Competition Series is our rope with a medium stretch. This is our recommended rope for the widest range of skiers due to its stiffness to stretch ratio.

All of our ropes come tournament ready, with measurement sheet provided. Optional slide loop or standard loops. Large opening on the end of all our mainlines for easy handle change. Last section always comes removable for replacement when worn.

60' (18.25 Meters) with handle (additional long line for free)

*Line Length Marking Sleeves Standard. (Available without sleeves upon customer request.)

*Meets IWWF standards

*All of our ropes are braided at our West Michigan factory using our specifically formulated yarn.