Our Story

We are a small West Michigan company that is passionate about skiing and making quality ropes for all skiers. Always intrigued with the different types of rope construction and materials, while looking for different options of tow ropes we decided to go all in and make our own.

S-Lines is a Proud Sponsor of the 2023 U21 World Water Ski Championships

There will be two rope options for skiers to choose from: The X-Series and the S-Series.

X-Series characteristics-

•Quicker response out of buoy
•More direct connection to the pull of the boat
•More constant pressure

Lends itself to taller, heavier, stronger skiers

S-Series characteristics-

•More forgiveness when taking load out of buoy
•More time to settle into body position
•More dynamic response through edge change

Lends itself to shorter, lighter skiers that use less upper body lean